Who Are We?

Luminzo is a supplier of Commercial and Residential LED Lights which are,

Energy Saving

Money Saving

Long Lasting

Super Bright LED

Less Harm for the Eye

Low Voltage

What We Sell ?

Our products are of premium qualitly for Resedential, Commercial & Outdoor purposes.

We provide a 3 year warranty for most of our products, delivery in the UAE and competitive rates.

About Us.

Raison d’être

We are a part of Backer & Backer Group. We want to keep it simple. The growth of our business is built on two premises.

We will provide exceptional value to our customers in terms of products, thereby constantly reviewing them, their performance, their quality and their value and ensuring we are in line with our customers expectations.

We will invest in the growth of our clients, as we see ourselves as a stakeholder in their business, and their success means our success and growth and acknowledging the fact that service has to be the cornerstone for a strong partnership to be built.


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